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How could you avoid accidents with bicyclists?

The mild weather in California provides an excellent environment for bicycle riding, so many roads have a mix of bikes and cars. These conditions may lead to accidents, especially when drivers and bicyclists fail to pay attention and take proper safety precautions. When you are sharing the road with bicyclists, there are several things you may do to reduce the risk of an accident.

Infotainment systems increase distraction risk

Most people in California have been in vehicles that feature built-in systems designed to provide navigational assistance, connect to a mobile phone or provide entertainment while they drive. These are frequently referred to as infotainment systems and many new vehicles today are being driven off car lots with these embedded as standard features. They are often touted as one potential solution to the problems associated with distracted driving.

Understanding vehicle safety ratings

Most people in California have heard vehicle manufacturers talk about their products' safety ratings, often touting them in advertisements, on their websites or in other marketing campaigns. Consumers who are very conscious about safety should understand what goes into identifying these ratings so they can fully assess them when considering their next car, truck or SUV purchase.

Defining dram shop liability in California

The chance of you encountering a drunk driver on Los Angeles’ roads is ever-present. This knowledge, however, likely will not lessen your frustrations when you are involved in an accident caused by one. The first question to enter your mind after such an incident may not be how could someone be so irresponsible as to get behind the wheel after drinking, but rather why would a person or establishment allow someone to reach such a state in the first place. Many with that same question have come to us here at Pheffer Law wondering if liability can be extended to those third parties in such cases. 

Push to include advanced safety features in more cars

Most people in California have seen or heard ads that tout sophisticated safety features in new vehicles. These include things like forward collision warning or lane keeping assistance. Unfortunately, it seems that while these technologies are readily available, they are not frequently included in the new vehicles that consumers purchase. Safety appears to be taking a back seat to profits in this situation.

Understanding teen driver tendencies

If you have been involved in a serious car accident involving a teen driver in Los Angeles, your hopes of receiving all of the compensation that you need may be slim. The amount you may be entitled to through an insurance payment may not be enough to cover all of your accident expenses (which can include medical bills, compensation for time away from work, and repair costs). You may try to collect those from the responsible party, yet what can you realistically expect to get from a teen? Many in your same situation come to us here at Pheffer Law asking what recourse is available to them, and like them, you may be happy to hear that you may indeed be able to hold a teen's parents liable for an accident. 

How can I drive more safely?

When it comes to driving in Southern California, residents face congested roads and freeways on a regular basis. This can make it hard to maneuver and can even create frustration when congestion turns into a full-blown traffic jam. However, drivers should not let these realities distract them from being consciously focused on safe operation of their vehicles.

Evolving child safety seat guidelines

Parents in California should know that the state requires them to transport their children in appropriate child safety seats when in personal vehicles. This is akin to the requirement that they themselves wear seat belts as these restraints are proven to reduce deaths in automobile accidents. The use of safety seats and seat belts may also contribute to lessened injuries in accidents. The type of child safety seat to be used varies based upon a child's weight or stage of life.

Teen drivers and negligent entrustment

New teen drivers are introduced to the streets of Los Angeles every day. Those responsible for them (parents or guardians) also need to understand that their inexperience can also make them a threat to others on the road. On top of that inexperience, teens have also shown themselves to be more prone to engaging in unsafe driving practices (indeed, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that they are more likely to speed, follow other cars to closely, and drive while intoxicated than other groups of drivers). 

Distracted driving features in modern vehicles

Residents in Southern California often spend a lot of time in their vehicles, especially as public transportation in the region is not as prevalent as in other parts of the country like New York or even the Bay Area. It is logical, then, that drivers may want to make use of their time in their cars and today's smartphones make that possible. While distracted driving awareness has grown and laws have been emerging to curb this behavior, new vehicle technologies have come on the market to try and help the situation.

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