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September 2018 Archives

What can bicyclists can do to make bike riding safer?

Bicyclists who want to enjoy the beautiful California weather should not have to worry about ending up in a hospital due to a serious traffic accident. One of the keys to safe bike riding is to maintain full control of the bicycle and not allow an unexpected problem to suddenly cause a bike riding disaster. Fortunately, you can take simple steps before you mount your bike that can help make your next bike ride safer.

Group seeks to create stigma around distracted driving

For several decades now, numerous campaigns against drinking and driving have been launched in California. These awareness efforts have focused on trying to reduce the number of accidents caused by drunk drivers in part by conjuring up very negative images in people's minds when they hear the term "drunk driver". The path to effectiveness here is to make people think negatively of those who choose to drive when they are drunk.

Truck tire blow out leads to tragic accident

California residents are very used to seeing large tractor trailers carrying a wide range of goods around their state and from their state to other parts of the country. Produce is one crop commonly carried by these big rigs given California's importance in feeding the nation. As important as semi trucks are to commerce, they are also potentially very dangerous when not properly maintained or when involved in accidents.

Drinking water may ease driver fatigue

There are many things that go into helping drivers in California operate their vehicles safely. From defensive driving tactics to obeying the laws of the road and more, every driver in vehicles small and large has an obligation to themselves, their passengers and people in other vehicles to drive responsibly. This includes avoiding driving when overly tired. Fatigue is a known problem for truckers but can affect any driver.

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