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April 2018 Archives

Drunk driver kills three, injures others

For many decades now, California residents have heard advocacy groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving and law enforcement teams speak about the horrors and dangers of drunk driving. Many options today exist for people to find other ways to their destinations should they choose to consume alcoholic beverages yet a great number of people refuse to take advantage of these options. As such, innocent people continue to die and be injured.

Negligent entrustment explained

In the immediate aftermath of your car accident in Los Angeles, your thoughts are likely focused on recovering from your injuries and/or repairing your vehicle. These issues will, however, inevitably lead to an analysis of the actions of the person that caused your accident. If it is discovered that said person had a history of reckless driving, then you may justly question who would have allowed him or her drive (or granted him or her access to a vehicle). That same question has been shared by many who have come to us here at Pheffer Law for assistance. Like them, you may be pleased to know that you can assign vicarious liability in such cases. 

Technology and safety on the road

California certainly is one of the states leading the way in many ways in the development of autonomous vehicle. Similarly, the car itself is virtually iconic in the state as people on the west coast generally rely on individual transportion over public transportation more than do their counterparts in metropolitan areas on the east coast. As the development of self-criving vehicles escalates, it is important to understand the technology involved and how it can or might actually reduce accidents and keep people safer.

The truth about lane-splitting

With spring well under way in California, thousands of motorcyclists have hit the roads to enjoy the state's many mesmerizing views. As bikes on the road are plentiful, there are an equal amount of possible dangers riders face each day. One topic that receives considerable attention involves lane-splitting. Some argue that the driving method is too risky, while others show that this strategy can actually help keep motorcyclists safe. 

Are California roads becoming safer?

With California being a hotbed of technology development related to autonomous cars, you have no doubt heard many reports touting the alleged safety improvements that many believe may be realized as these vehicles are allowed onto the roads. This belief is rooted in large part on the knowledge that human error and decision making is at the heart of many crashes that happen today. Even cars that are not fully autonomous may well include some autonomous features yet these seem to not be making a dent in reducing traffic fatalities.

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