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Jon Doe vs. Jeffrey Bonde :: Car accident (rear end accident)

The plaintiff of this rear-ending car accident was only offered $7,000. The case went to trial and the verdict was $48,192.50

Offered :: $7,000

Actual Verdict :: $48,192.50

Jon Doe vs. 21st Century Insurance :: Car Accident

This car accident caused the victim to sustain severe lacerations to the face, neck and head. The plaintiff suffered permanent scaring. The claimant’s best friend was fatally wounded in the accident.

Offered $30,000

Actual Verdict :: $100,000

Jane Doe vs. City of Los Angeles :: Trip and Fall

The plaintiff was walking with her husband when she tripped over a 2-3 inch rise in the side walk. The city was aware of the issue prior to the accident, yet officials did nothing to fix it. This was one of the highest settlements in any trip and fall cases on record.

Settlement :: $315,000

Jane Doe vs. Jon Doe :: Car Accident

The plaintiff was in a car accident that resulted in soft tissue injuries as well as the loss of her 2-month-old fetus. She suffered from emotional distress as a result of the miscarriage.

Offered :: $7,500

Total Arbitration Award :: $40,059

Jon Doe :: Dog Bite Case

The Plaintiff was walking her dog in a residential neighborhood when she and her dog were attacked by a neighbor’s dog. She suffered from traumatic puncture wounds on the front and back of her hand and a hairline fracture. Her dog also passed away as a result of the attack.

Offered :: $20,000

Total Settlement :: $26,500

Jon & Jon Doe vs. Po Hien Cong, Cun Lua :: Rear End Car Accident

The Plaintiffs were stopped in traffic when the defendant smashed into the back of their vehicle while traveling at 65 mph. One of the victims suffered cervical and thoracic sprain/strain injury, bilateral carpel tunnel, and had to go under a surgery for her right wrist. Further surgeries were needed. The second victim suffered back and shoulder sprain.

Offered :: $17,000

Total Trial Verdict :: $114,500

Jane Doe vs. Jenny Jungah Park, Harry Park :: Car Accident

The plaintiff suffered from a rotator cuff tear, left shoulder impingement, bicipital tendinitis, possible labral pathology, and cubital tunnel syndrome resulting in an arthroscopic capsular shift surgery.

Settlement :: $100,000

Jane Doe vs. Michelle Rodriguez, et al. :: Car Accident Head-on Crash

The defendant made a left hand turn directly in front of the plaintiff resulting in a head-on crash.

Settlement :: $100,000

Jane Doe vs. Tumbleweed Transportation and Natasha Alford :: Bus Accident

The defendant made a left hand turn while operating a school bus and hit the plaintiff, who was in their car. The accident resulted in multiple lumbar injuries, including annular tears and herniations.

Trial Verdict :: $260,733

Jon Doe vs. Leon Boeglin :: Motorcycle Accident

The plaintiff was riding his motorcycle when the defendant pulled out in front of him. The plaintiff was ejected from his motorcycle, which resulted in sprain to the neck and low back and plantar fasciitis to the left foot.

Offered :: $8,500

Trial Verdict :: $44,998 (more than 5x the offer)

Jane Doe vs. Yellow Cab Company :: Car Accident Rear-End

The plaintiff was struck from behind. The accident resulted in soft tissue injuries to the neck and back. The defendant tried to deny liability.

Binding Arbitration :: $13,010.75

Jane Doe vs. Interinsurance Exchange of the Automobile Club :: Hit & run Car Accident

The plaintiff suffered from lateral epicondylitis along with soft tissue neck injuries when the defendant broadsided their vehicle.

Offered :: $12,500

Binding Arbitration :: $30,000

Jon Doe vs. Foodmaker Inc., Jack In The Box Restaurant :: Personal Injury

The plaintiff was eating a Jumbo Jack and bit into a piece of metal which was a part from the defendant’s machinery. The plaintiff suffered from Fx molar and TMJ pain.

Total Award :: $24,000

Doe vs. Hollar :: Car Accident

The plaintiff was rear ended at a stop light and the resulting injuries included herniated lumbar dis and significant left lower extremity pain and weakness. It’s important to note that very little damage was apparent to the vehicle, yet the injuries were sustained.

Settlement :: $35,000

Jane Doe vs. Food 4 Less

The plaintiff slipped and fell due to poor maintenance and inspection of premises, which resulted in a torn rotator cuff.

Settlement :: $47,000

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