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August 2018 Archives

How your diet affects your driving

Many Californians spend hours on the road to get to their destination. It is a large state with hundreds of thousands of drivers on the streets at the same time, so it can be easy to feel exhaustion after spending so much time in traffic. It can lead to drowsy driving, the cause of nearly 10 percent of motor vehicle accidents in the United States. With how busy and slow the streets of Los Angeles can be, drowsy driving can be a huge threat to the residents.

Pedestrian safety tips as days get shorter

California may have a lovely moderate climate from a temperature perspective but that does not take away the reality that the days get shorter as autumn approaches. The additional hours of dusk and dark time can be challenging for people who still want to enjoy being outside and active. As Labor Day approaches, now is a good time to get a refresher on some of the things pedestrians and even bicyclists can do to stay safe.

The potential dangers of airbags

When consumers in California purchase new or new-to-them vehicles after carefully evaluating the safety features offered, they should be able to trust that those features will in fact keep them and their loved ones safe. Unfortunately, one of the most common features on cars today that is designed solely to prevent or minimize injuries to people during accidents may actually harm them. In some cases, people have even been killed by them. These features are airbags.

More auto deaths despite improved vehicle safety

California has long been heralded as the land of the car and scenes of vehicles driving along the Pacific Coast Highway have graced many a vehicle advertisement over the years. The state is also home to many technology companies working hard to get autonomous cars onto the roads in part to improve safety. Even many vehicles that are human-driven are starting to offer more automation and features to help prevent accidents. Statistics, however, show that the effort to eliminate accident deaths has a long way to go.

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