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July 2018 Archives

Understanding soft tissue injuries

Many people in California might think that the stereotypical fender bender is nothing to be concerned about from a health standpoint, especially if they do not immediately feel any type of pain. That, however, is not necessarily true. Even without the sensation of pain, an injury to the body's soft tissue may have occurred and symptoms do not always manifest right away. 

Some states eye jail time for distracted drivers

For most residents in California, a smartphone has become an everyday essential that is rarely left behind and this includes while driving. However, more and more information is being brought to the attention of the public about just how dangerous handheld use of a phone or other electronic device is while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. California often leads the way with progressive laws designed to keep people safe but lately it is a few other states that are taking the leading approach to cracking down on distracted driving. Many wonder if California will join the group and follow their lead.

What are the rules in crosswalks?

California drivers face many road hazards, perhaps the biggest being other drivers. Those who drink and drive, text while driving and speed in areas they shouldn’t cause billions of dollars in damages, medical care and emergency expenses every year. Drivers should understand that they are taking their lives in their own hands whenever they are behind the wheel. Perhaps pedestrians need to understand the risks as well.

Motorcyclist killed in head-on collision

Many people in Southern California love the freedom of riding a motorcycle and the pleasant and temperate weather makes that a viable option for them all year long. Unfortunately there can be a great risk in riding a motorcycle among other vehicles due to the inherent lack of protection around a rider. When other drivers make negligent and dangerous choices, the risk can only increase.

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