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October 2018 Archives

How sleep apnea contributes to auto accident risk

The effects of a common medical disorder known as obstructive sleep apnea may contribute to car accidents on California roadways. According to the Mayo Clinic, sleep apnea occurs when muscles supporting certain structures in the throat, such as the uvula, soft palate, tongue and tonsils, relax too much when the patient lies down to sleep. The relaxed muscles can cause these structures to block the airway in the throat, which temporarily prevents the body from breathing for as long as 20 seconds at a time.

Study shows accident risk declines after eye surgery

People in California who want to find ways to improve their safety on the road might often think about laws that could be created or stronger penalties for those who break those laws. These actions often some means of guiding drivers to the behaviors that are desired and away from the behaviors that are not. There are, however, other avenues to reducing the risk of an accident on the road that may actually be related to caring for one's health.

New state law loosens safety requirements

Many people in California have witnessed firsthand the amazing influx of electric scooters in their local areas. These new modes of transportation may look fun and inviting to many but they may also be somewhat dangerous, especially in the event of an accident. Just like riding a motorcycle, a bicycle, a skateboard or a non-motorized scooter, a person is always at a grave risk for a head injury if they crash for whatever reason.

Selfies: A form of distracted driving

If you use your phone while driving in Los Angeles, you are not alone. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, 660,000 motorists use their cellphones at any given moment of the day. Although talking or texting on a cellphone while driving is prohibited in California, it still occurs. It does not stop there, however. Drivers who take selfies while behind the wheel may cause a catastrophic car accident, putting their lives and the lives of others at risk.

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