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August 2019 Archives

Road rage makes California driving dangerous

When you moved to California, you may have envisioned long rides along highways that provide scenic views of the Pacific Ocean. Perhaps, you live near the beach. While such amenities may indeed be part of what you love about living in this state, like all states, it also has its downsides. For instance, traffic can quite stressful.

3 ways to avoid distracted driving

Distracted driving has quickly ascended to a significant issue across the United States. Every year thousands of people suffer injuries or lose their lives in car accidents involving someone who is driving distracted. What makes the issue so frustrating is that distracted driving is a problem that theoretically should be easily preventable.

Infotainment systems increase distraction risk

Most people in California have been in vehicles that feature built-in systems designed to provide navigational assistance, connect to a mobile phone or provide entertainment while they drive. These are frequently referred to as infotainment systems and many new vehicles today are being driven off car lots with these embedded as standard features. They are often touted as one potential solution to the problems associated with distracted driving.

Understanding vehicle safety ratings

Most people in California have heard vehicle manufacturers talk about their products' safety ratings, often touting them in advertisements, on their websites or in other marketing campaigns. Consumers who are very conscious about safety should understand what goes into identifying these ratings so they can fully assess them when considering their next car, truck or SUV purchase.

Defining dram shop liability in California

The chance of you encountering a drunk driver on Los Angeles’ roads is ever-present. This knowledge, however, likely will not lessen your frustrations when you are involved in an accident caused by one. The first question to enter your mind after such an incident may not be how could someone be so irresponsible as to get behind the wheel after drinking, but rather why would a person or establishment allow someone to reach such a state in the first place. Many with that same question have come to us here at Pheffer Law wondering if liability can be extended to those third parties in such cases. 

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