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Most auto accidents are not "catastrophic."

Most personal injury attorneys seek the truly terrible accident injuries —
because the dollar recoveries are so high.

My name is Jeffrey Pheffer, and I'm not like that.

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Maximum Compensation For Medium-Size Injuries

Everyday injuries occur in car, motorcycle, pedestrian and bicycle accidents. They are the everyday accident injuries that happen to people when they’re out shopping, keeping an appointment, driving to work, picking up the kids
at the mall or just taking a walk.

Fact is, catastrophic injuries — paralysis, amputations, extreme burns, brain injuries and death — are pretty rare. I can handle them as well as anyone. But they are not the heart of my personal injury practice

To me, every injury is personal because it’s personal to you. I’ve successfully resolved MANY THOUSANDS of cases in my 35 years of practicing exclusively personal injury law.

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‘They Call Me Mr. Soft Tissue’

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About 75 percent of all accident-related injuries are soft tissue or connective tissue injuries. Whiplash is a soft tissue injury. The kinds of sprains and strains that occur in a sudden jolt result in soft tissue damage to your muscles, ligaments and joints. Injuries caused by air bags qualify, as do broken noses and injuries to teeth. I will seek compensation for your headaches that won’t go away, and for your sleepless nights.

I will find you a good doctor or chiropractor who, like me, will wait till the end of the case to get paid. I know the money I recover for your soft tissue injury will make a big difference in your life.

Big-firm lawyers scoff at everyday injuries because they don’t lead to $2 million paydays. I know your injuries are a very big deal to you. I don’t hide behind an army of paralegals. I will drive to wherever you are in the Greater Los Angeles area to hear your story and discuss your case.

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How good am I? Virtually 100 percent of my cases come from clients I have helped, and physicians and chiropractors who know I come through for people, as well as big firms with trial lawyers who know my track record. In fact, I have handled the cases of some of the biggest and best trial lawyers in Los Angeles, as well as their staffs and families.