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Holding Negligent Property Owners Accountable

Premises liability accidents are often “slip and fall” accidents. It’s important for businesses and companies to keep their premises safe to visitors and guests and protect them from accidents. Premises liability accidents can be the result of slippery floors, obstructed pathways, inadequate lighting or various other causes. Slip and fall cases occur often, and can cause serious injuries to victims.

According to premises liability law, property owners are required to provide a safe environment to those who enter their property. Within the law, “safe” also covers the spectrum of keeping you safe from other people or even animals while on somebody’s property.

Choose An Advocate You Can Trust

If you or a loved one has been injured in a premises liability case, you may be overwhelmed by the complexity of the case. The first step in a premises liability case is to determine which party is liable. I, Jeff Pheffer, can determine if the owner is the cause of the injury accident and if the owner of the property provided reasonable efforts to correct the problem before the accident occurred. Once these factors have been taken into consideration, there can be a better determination of the premises liability claim.

If you or a loved one suffers a serious injury due to a property owner failing to provide a safe environment, it’s a good idea to speak with an experienced slip and fall attorney immediately. Some of the areas we cover include:

Skillful Handling Of Slip And Fall Cases

Slip-and-fall accidents can result in back injuries, brain damages and many other conditions that may require long-term physical therapy treatment. I believe you should never pay for another person’s negligence. While it is true we can never take away the pain, I can get monetary compensation for you and will work tirelessly on your case to obtain the compensation you deserve.

I provide each of my clients with a free and confidential consultation to determine if you have a viable personal injury claim. I provide the knowledge you need to be fairly compensated for your injuries.

So many people are involved in slip-and-fall accidents each year that, according to official data, they are the second leading cause of injuries in the United States. An estimated 16,000 deaths occur from slip and fall accidents. Slip and fall accidents can occur in dangerous or hazardous conditions, causing an individual to suffer.

If an individual is involved in a slip and fall accident, they can often receive compensation if the injury they sustained was a result of the negligence on part of the property owner. Several factors can play a role in slip and fall incidents, including wet and slippery surfaces, defective flooring, inadequate lighting, uncovered manholes, improperly stored equipment or materials, and other hidden hazards.

Understanding California Slip-And-Fall Cases

Business owners, homeowners, and state and federal entities are all required by law to reasonably manage and maintain their premises in order to minimize the risk and prevent an injury from taking place. These entities have a duty to inspect the property for unsafe conditions and either repair or warn individuals of dangerous conditions that may cause harm.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a slip and fall accident, you should be sure to document the incident and fill out an accident report, recording the following:

  • When the accident happened
  • Description of the property conditions and cause of the slip and fall
  • Witness names and contact information as well as statements
  • Take photos of the accident location and injuries suffered
  • Seek immediate medical treatment for injuries

To prove a business owner, homeowner, or other entity is liable in a slip and fall accident, you must prove the owner’s negligence. Therefore, it’s important to record the slip and fall accident in a timely manner, which will help determine who was responsible for the accident. Proper documentation of the accident can aid with resolving your slip-and-fall claim in an expedient manner.

Serious slips and fall can lead to long-term side effects that can affect your daily life forever. If you are the victim of a slip and fall accident, a personal injury lawyer should be contacted as soon as possible to inform you of your legal rights and options. The law limits the amount of time that you have to file a personal injury claim.

I, Jeff Pheffer, will investigate your injury claim to determine liability and ensure that you receive the compensation you are entitled to. To schedule a consultation, call my office in Los Angeles at 310-909-7801 or send an email.

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