Jeff Pheffer's calling in life is to deliver justice to Californians injured by the negligence of others.

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Los Angeles Injury And Accident Lawyer

What is satisfying to a personal injury lawyer? In Jeff Pheffer‘s case, it’s recovering damages for a client whose life was really messed up by a nasty car accident or other kind of injury.

Success requires:

  • Overcoming insurance company lawyers, who don’t want to pay you a nickel for your pains
  • Knowing about the thousands of cases that have a bearing on your case, identifying the precedents that support your side
  • The hard work of investigating the accident site, rebuilding the case so that the accident cause becomes plain, and then presenting this information so persuasively, the other side blinks
  • Jeff uses the most cutting edge technology, such as 3D MRI Technology, to get you the best recovery.

Not Your Ordinary Personal Injury Lawyer

This is Jeff Pheffer‘s calling in life, delivering justice to Californians injured by the negligence of others.

Other law firms hunger for the million-dollar “catastrophic injury” cases in which the victim is irreparably harmed, and the stakes are enormous.

Not Jeff Pheffer. He works with ordinary people who have suffered serious (but usually not crippling) injuries. He seeks maximum compensation for your injury, whatever that injury is — broken bones, soft tissue injury or burns caused by a defective air bag.

Jeff’s motto: “If I can help you, I will help you!”

Take Pheffer Law up on that offer. Their Los Angeles-area phone number is 310-909-7801. Email them a description of your injury. Or check out Jeff’s legal profile and learn more about the firm.

Want to know how to get the best results from your personal injury claim? Here’s how.

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Image of attorney Jeffrey Ian Pheffer“Mr. Pheffer has handled two cases for me. He did an absolutely fantastic job. Not only is Mr. Pheffer professional; he is kind and compassionate…”
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