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March 2019 Archives

Is there a way for motorcyclists to split lanes safely?

California is the first, and so far only, state to legalize lane splitting, which refers to the act of riding a motorcycle between lanes or rows of slow moving traffic. The reason California is the only state to have legalized the maneuver, which many also call "white lining," "lane sharing" and "filtering," is because many motorists and lawmakers alike consider the practice unsafe. Since the Golden State legalized lane sharing back in 2017, however, the California Highway Patrol has been hard at work coming up with tips for safe lane splitting. At the end of 2018, the agency finally presented them.

What are the dangers of potholes?

As winter gives way to spring, California drivers need to be extra mindful of potholes, which can do damage to your vehicle's tires, alignment, steering, suspension, rims and body. The damage done to your automobile may result in costly repairs. Forbes Magazine cites a recent study by AAA auto club indicating that American drivers spend $3 billion per year on repairs to vehicles due to potholes. 

Safety risks motorcyclists need to be aware of

Southern California's temperature climate makes it an ideal place to ride a motorcycle. In fact, many people in Los Angeles find a bike a great mode of transportation all year round. Other people may drive passenger vehicles some of the time and then bring out their bikes for special riding days or long trips with fellow motorcyclists. Either way, the joy of riding on two wheels is unique but so too are the risks faced by riders. 

How often are work zones a factor in car accidents?

If you feel as if the city of Los Angeles and the entire state of California are constantly under construction, you are not alone. New roadways and communities are rising every day, and with all this new infrastructure comes a need for construction teams who can build and maintain it. Unfortunately, though, these road construction zones present substantial hazards for motorists, and the dangers associated with driving through them are considerable.

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