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Roadway death compounds tragedy for California family

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2019 | Auto Accidents

Tragedy sometimes seems to strike some families disproportionately. One family in California has had a particularly difficult three years, with the loss of one sister due to a heart attack and a second sister struggling with a rare form of brain cancer. Last week, ill fortune struck yet again when a third sister perished in a car accident in California Valley. 

Loved ones describe the victim as a loving woman with a generous spirit and quirky personality who loved pulling pranks and making people laugh. She was close to her remaining family members, including her sister and father, the latter of whom she would take out to lunch when she got a commission from her job selling cars and the former of whom she would help with his gardening. She also maintained a mother-child type bond with the son of her boyfriend. 

When the woman was late coming home from grocery shopping on Saturday, her boyfriend became worried and texted her sister. While the sister called around jails, hospitals and any other place she might be, the boyfriend drove around looking for her, finally calling the sister from the scene of the accident upon meeting a family friend who filled him in on what had happened. At that point, they did not know that the woman had died, but the seriousness of the accident led them to believe that her chances for survival were slim. Ultimately, they received confirmation of their worst fears.

It can be difficult to move on following a serious auto accident. Engaging an attorney to help handle legal matters may help to resolve the matter and find closure.