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Drinking water may ease driver fatigue

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2018 | Auto Accidents

There are many things that go into helping drivers in California operate their vehicles safely. From defensive driving tactics to obeying the laws of the road and more, every driver in vehicles small and large has an obligation to themselves, their passengers and people in other vehicles to drive responsibly. This includes avoiding driving when overly tired. Fatigue is a known problem for truckers but can affect any driver.

One thing that people can do to help themselves stay alert when behind the wheel is to drink enough water. According to WebMD, dehydration is one of the problems that may lead to sleepiness. Therefore, ensuring a person is properly hydrated is one thing that can be done to proactively prevent excessive fatigue when driving.

As explained by, the benefits of water include increased oxygen delivery to the brain. This is essential in order for the brain to work at its full capacity including providing the mental clarity and alertness that is required to make decisions when driving and operate a vehicle safely.

A lack of sufficient water in the body will also force the heart to work harder than it otherwise would need to so that the rest of the body receives the oxygen necessary for basic functions. Increasing the load on organs throughout the body may also tax a person in ways that might be avoidable if they were properly hydrated. Urine that is a light yellow in color is one indicator that a driver is hydrated sufficiently.