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Auto safety technology is a valuable tool for avoiding accidents

On Behalf of | May 21, 2018 | Auto Accidents

In today’s fast-paced world, it is rare to go even a few moments without a distraction. However, the constant use of cell phones and other distracting activities have in part led to an unsettling increase in car accidents across the nation. Most Los Angeles drivers understand the consequences of driving while sidetracked, but there are other preventative steps ones can take to avoid a catastrophic wreck altogether.

While it is impossible to control another driver’s irresponsible actions, California residents can hone their own defensive driving skills to reduce chances of an accident. For example, driving safety resource Driver’s Alert first shares the defensive driving strategy of placing enough distance between cars. “Blind spots” is another term that most drivers use, but often easily forget about; paying attention to one’s own blind spots and those of other drivers can be crucial. Although it may seem apparent, using turn signals is another safety practice that is easy to ignore. Driver’s Alert also encourages readers to always assume that surrounding drivers have poor driving skills. By assuming those in surrounding cars will exhibit unsafe practices — such as running a red light or passing illegally — drivers can be better prepared in urgent situations.

Car enthusiast magazine Axle Addict also provides some driving safety tips to bring along on the ride. Just as assuming the worst in drivers can prepare one for frightening incidents on the road, gauging a driver’s attitude can also help one prevent an accident. Tailgaters often switch lanes erratically, and other drivers often become involved in the tension. In reality, tailgaters play a large role in slowing down the overall traffic flow. Properly adjusting to the conditions of the road is another way drivers can make the trip a safer one. It is important to plan ahead, especially in inclement weather. These aforementioned steps, along with keen attention on the road, are just some of the ways drivers can make roads safer for everyone.