Whiplash Injuries

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Whiplash Is Much More Than Just A Pain In The Neck

The neck is wonderfully resilient in most situations, but it is vulnerable to the whiplash effect of rear-end auto collisions. When struck from behind, a person’s head lurches backward (hyperextension) and then springs back forward (hyperflexion) — thus the name whiplash. This unusual action does damage to the soft tissues that hold the cervical vertebrae together in balance — the ligaments, facet capsules and muscles of the neck.

While not as serious as some other spinal injuries, whiplash can be painful to the point of disability, and it may persist for months or years. A side effect of whiplash is often social isolation, because it is so uncomfortable to be out in public in that condition.

Whiplash injuries were once depicted by insurance company propaganda as an easy injury to fake — you just put on a neck brace. With the development of high-tech imaging, insurance companies are forced to admit that it is a real thing and that it causes major disruptions in victims’ lives. Many are unable to perform ordinary functions without pain, or at all.

I Know The Truth About Whiplash Injuries, And I Will Fight For You

At Pheffer Law in Santa Monica, I have obtained compensation for many hundreds of severe whiplash injuries over the years. After all these years, insurance companies still don’t want to pay out to real victims. But my diligence in obtaining and presenting evidence makes it very difficult for insurance companies to avoid paying you the amount to which you are entitled.

Establishing negligence is the heart of personal injury law. I, attorney Jeff Pheffer, have a proven track record of connecting the dots in injury cases, showing an unmistakable trail of responsibility leading to your injury. Trust me to pursue your case with forcefulness and logic.

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