Facial Trauma & Dental Injuries

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Facial Trauma And Dental Injuries From Accidents

In a car accident, one of the most vulnerable areas of the body, even in a seat belt or with air bag deployment, is the face and head. People strike their heads against windows dashboards, steering wheels and other objects in the car. This violence can do awful damage to the face, scalp, throat, nose, teeth and eyes. In a matter of seconds, your appearance and functionality change, for the worse.

We seek compensation for people who have lost teeth, broken their jaw or had their teeth broken. Repairs to teeth and facial fractures are often extensive and expensive. It is not right that you should absorb the cost of dental injury remediation if another party was negligent.

Attorney Jeff Pheffer of Pheffer Law in Santa Monica represents persons who have suffered facial and dental injuries in car and other kinds of accidents. These injuries are not life-threatening. Still they are very damaging to a person’s career, self-image and psyche. Our goal is to seek the highest possible amount of damages, to pay not just for cosmetic surgery, oral surgery and cosmetic dentistry work, but also to provide necessary counseling and psychological help. Intangibles are as critical as tangible injuries in these kinds of accidents.

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Facial and dental injuries can occur in almost any situation — certainly in a collision, but just as severely in a fall from a ladder, merchandise falling from a shelf, tripping on an unsteady floor or a door suddenly opening into your face. Jeff Pheffer is skilled at investigating the accident, reconstructing what happened, and using this evidence to demand maximum damages for you.

We can also assist you in locating doctors, surgeons, dental specialists and other providers to restore you to full function.

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