Lane-Splitting Accidents

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Taking Legal Action After A Lane-Splitting Accident

California is the only state that allows motorcycles to split lanes. When highways back up, lane splitting provides some relief for motorcycles by letting them carefully drive between slower moving or stopped cars.

The problem is, motorcycles are vulnerable to sudden moves from nearby vehicles — people changing lanes, opening doors, even stepping out to stretch — requiring riders to respond instantly. Too often the result is serious injury.

Medium-Size Injuries Deserve Maximum Compensation

Lane-splitting injuries can be catastrophic or even fatal, but many are less serious: broken bones, soft tissue damage, concussions, scrapes and abrasions. These injuries are serious enough to cause you great pain and concern about your future, but not serious enough to cause death, brain damage or paralysis.

An Emergency Room Diagnosis Is Often Not Enough

I, Jeff Pheffer, of Santa Monica’s Pheffer Law, have helped thousands of Southern California motorcyclists recover both financially and physically in the wake of lane-splitting and other motorcycle injury situations. An emergency room visit by itself will not reveal long-term problems arising from a crash. You need to work with a physician or chiropractor who understands soft tissue and other motorcycle accident-related injuries — problems that may not be apparent on one examination.

Sometimes the victim in a lane-splitting incident is the driver of the other vehicle, not the cyclist. We represent anyone who has been a victim of reckless or unsafe driving, even if you share responsibility for the accident.

Affirmative Representation For Downed California Cyclists

If you’re injured in a lane-splitting accident, wouldn’t you want a lawyer versed in lane-splitting injury recovery? I have helped thousands of people in the Los Angeles region just like yourself. I know how to get down to business with reluctant insurance companies and their attorneys and extract the highest dollar value from them in the shortest period of time, usually less than a year.

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