Delivery Truck Accidents

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Holding Delivery Drivers And Companies Accountable

Being a professional delivery driver requires a higher duty of care. Unfortunately, it does not mean all professional drivers are good drivers. Many of them are the same idiots you encounter on your daily commute, now behind the wheel of a large vehicle filled with a ton or more of cargo.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident involving a delivery vehicle – including those from Amazon, FedEx and UPS – you need an experienced advocate working to protect your rights and get you the financial compensation you deserve.

In Los Angeles and throughout Southern California, look no further than Pheffer Law. I, Jeff Pheffer, am a personal injury lawyer, and I have extensive experience holding delivery drivers, delivery companies and other parties accountable for their negligence. You can rely on me to guide you through the claims process and get the resources you need to cover the costs of all your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, as well as property damages and more.

What To Do After A Delivery Vehicle Accident

If you are able to safely do the following, it can go a long way toward aiding me in a successful claim for damages:

  • Stop your vehicle, put on your flashers, and start recording audio and/or video.
  • Take video or photographs of the scene, the vehicles and the people.
  • Take down the name of the driver as well as eyewitnesses, others involved in the crash or bystanders.
  • Exchange insurance information with the driver and confirm they are a delivery driver.
  • Be friendly at all times; it will increase the likelihood of getting usable audio or video statements.

The moments after a crash are critical. The delivery companies will act quickly to cover up the facts and avoid paying for their wrongdoing. The evidence you are able to gather at the scene can form the basis for a strong personal injury claim that holds negligent parties accountable for your injuries and other damages.

Maximizing Insurance Compensation

Not every accident is catastrophic. However, if you face $100,000 in medical bills and other damages, it is crucial to recover the full amount you deserve from a personal injury claim. You should not be left to deal with the post-accident burdens alone.

I thoroughly investigate to determine all facts of negligence, identify all liable parties and uncover all available insurance coverages. Companies such as Amazon, FedEx and UPS carry extensive coverage, but they will fight aggressively to limit their payouts to you. It is crucial to have a proven advocate on your side who is capable of beating them at their own game.

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