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4 injured, 1 dead in 3-car California crash

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2019 | Auto Accidents

The rules of the road are there for a reason, and breaking them can lead to a chain reaction that can cause an accident and lead to injuries and death. That is allegedly what happened west of Woodland, California, where a three-vehicle collision injured four of the occupants of the vehicles and killed another. 

The three vehicles involved were a Chevrolet, a Honda and a Ford. The collision took place near county roads 92C and 19 last Friday morning when the westbound Honda, which carried three passengers, allegedly crossed a double-solid yellow line to pass the Chevrolet, crashing into the eastbound Ford, which then collided with the westbound Chevrolet.

The three drivers of the vehicles involved in the crash each sustained minor injuries, for which it is unclear whether or not they received medical treatment. It was necessary to transport a female Honda passenger to an area hospital for major injuries, although her current condition is unknown. A male Honda passenger died as a result of the accident.

All parties involved in the collision were wearing seatbelts at the time, except for the male passenger of the Honda who died as a result of his injuries. An investigation into the crash is still ongoing, but at this time, authorities do not believe that either drugs or alcohol were a factor. 

Unfortunately, even those who always follow the rules of the road may become injured in a car accident and have to live with lifelong consequences that may be someone else’s fault. Those who have sustained an injury in such a collision may find it helpful to discuss the case with an attorney.