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Safe driving tips during the holidays

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2018 | Auto Accidents

The last couple of weeks of the calendar year and the start of a new year are common times for California residents to hit the road to visit family or friends for holiday gatherings or adventurous outings. Whether driving in the heart of a busy Southern California freeway, on a snowy mountain road or along a rural highway, it is important to take steps to stay safe while behind the wheel.

Auto insurer Nationwide reminds drivers to put away their phones when driving – even if hands-free. When trying to meet an appointment time, people should leave with enough time to accommodate delays on the road or needed breaks so as to reduce the urge to speed. Maintaining reasonable driving speeds should be considered an essential element of safe driving. 

According to, defensive driving techniques may be one of a driver’s best allies when trying to stay safe on the roads. This includes keeping sufficient room between vehicles so that a person can stop quickly if need be. Also important is to yield to other drivers. Engaging a speeding or otherwise aggressive driver is not the path to a good result. It is far better to let that person go and keep one’s own vehicle and passengers safe.

Handing over the keys when planning to drink alcohol, even just one or two drinks, is another smart way to reduce a person’s risk of being in an accident. Finally, drivers should keep their vehicles in good working order to avoid unnecessary breakdowns.