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Truck tire blow out leads to tragic accident

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2018 | Auto Accidents

California residents are very used to seeing large tractor trailers carrying a wide range of goods around their state and from their state to other parts of the country. Produce is one crop commonly carried by these big rigs given California’s importance in feeding the nation. As important as semi trucks are to commerce, they are also potentially very dangerous when not properly maintained or when involved in accidents.

Many questions about the maintenance and inspections of one particular semi truck will no doubt be asked by those now investigating a tragic and deadly accident that happened recently near the border of Arizona and New Mexico. A truck carrying some produce was on its way from California across the country to Tennessee when one of the front tires blew out. The truck was on a freeway travelling at a speed that may likely make controlling this difficult.

The truck actually went across the freeway and hit a passenger bus with 49 people onboard. The impact shattered part of the bus and sent at least 26 people to the hospital. The driver of the passenger bus among others have already died. One passenger was a pregnant woman who was taken to the hospital where she delivered twins. The babies are listed as being in critical condition. The truck driver survived the crash.

Multiple investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board have been dispatched. It it not known if any criminal charges will be levied but some civil lawsuits have already been initiated in the matter.