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Group seeks to create stigma around distracted driving

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2018 | Auto Accidents

For several decades now, numerous campaigns against drinking and driving have been launched in California. These awareness efforts have focused on trying to reduce the number of accidents caused by drunk drivers in part by conjuring up very negative images in people’s minds when they hear the term “drunk driver”. The path to effectiveness here is to make people think negatively of those who choose to drive when they are drunk.

Today, the Auto Club of Southern California is attempting to leverage that same strategy to combat distracted driving according to ABC7. Statistics show that on a daily basis as many as 1,000 people are injured in motor vehicle accidents caused by drivers who are texting or otherwise distracted behind the wheel. Another nine people are killed in these types of crashes every day. That amounts to more than 3,200 lives lost annually in accidents that are completely preventable if people are willing to make safe choices.

A demonstration was organized in the heart of Los Angeles where supporters came to march and raise awareness of the true dangers of distracted driving. While texting or talking on a phone have received much of the attention when it comes to distracted driving, the reality is that many more activities can lead to driver distractions.

Programming a GPS device or even looking at the screen to follow the directions, for example, is something very commonly done by drivers today. Even in a hands-free mode, this takes a driver’s eyes and even mind off of the road.