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Do you have any of these 5 common bad driving habits?

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2018 | Uncategorized

Driving can be frustrating and frightening when the rules of the road are neglected. However, it can be easy for all of us to pick up bad habits.

While these common driving habits may seem to get us to where we’re going faster or easier, they can be incredibly hazardous and easily lead to an accident.

Not turning into the closest lane

Many drivers make the mistake of turning into the lane they need to be in down the road, instead of turning into the closest lane. This is against California law and can easily result in an accident.

Other drivers, who trust that you will follow the rules of the road, may speed forward right into your car if they don’t realize you are driving into their lane.

The “California stop”

California drivers are so notorious for rolling through stop signs that they’ve coined their own phrase, the famous, “California stop.” The law, however, does not grant California drivers any rolling stop privileges. It is a traffic violation not to stop for three seconds at a stop sign.

Continuing this bad driving habit can be very dangerous in cases where children or animals approach the street suddenly. A crash could also occur if other cars crossing the intersection also fail to stop.

Neglecting your turn signal

A turn signal should always be used while merging or turning — even if you don’t believe there are any vehicles around you or you are in a turn-only lane.

Next, remember that the function of a turn signal is to alert other drivers of what you will be doing before you begin. Turning your signal on mid-way through merging does not help other drivers anticipate your actions in traffic. Always turn on your signal, then proceed to merge.

Ignoring your mirrors

It can be easy to rely on your rearview mirror only. While merging, this is a mistake. Using your sideview mirrors is equally as important and can help you better judge the presence, speed and distance of cars behind you.

Failing to check your blind spot

If you’ve been watching your rearview mirror, you feel certain that you can safely merge without checking your blind spot. This is a terribly dangerous habit to embrace.

Not checking your blind spot can easily result in a deadly motorcycle accident. Always remember to check and look for motorcycles in addition to cars.

If you have been guilty of any of these habits, try to make a goal to cut them out of your routine. Driving with others who don’t follow the traffic laws is dangerous enough! If you’re involved in a car accident, talk to an attorney about your options. A personal injury attorney can help you seek damages for injuries, medical expenses lost wages and more.