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Pedestrian safety tips as days get shorter

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2018 | Auto Accidents

California may have a lovely moderate climate from a temperature perspective but that does not take away the reality that the days get shorter as autumn approaches. The additional hours of dusk and dark time can be challenging for people who still want to enjoy being outside and active. As Labor Day approaches, now is a good time to get a refresher on some of the things pedestrians and even bicyclists can do to stay safe.

The AAA Exchange highlights the importance of being seen by motorists and adds that this is equally important during the daytime as it is in the evening, night or early morning hours when light is limited. During the dim or dark hours, people should avoid wearing all black or other dark clothing and instead opt for brighter colors and even patterned clothing.

There are many options for reflective outerwear from vests that slip over one’s clothing to jackets that have reflective bands built into them. Anything that draws the eyes of motorists can be useful so that they are aware of the person’s presence. The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center adds that people should consider carrying some type of light. This might be a handheld light, a headlamp or a light that attaches elsewhere onto their person, a bag or even a bike.

When and where possible, walkers and runners should remain on sidewalks or other designated foot traffic paths. When this is not an option, the safest choice is to walk or run in the opposite direction to be facing traffic. This allows pedestrians to make eye contact with drivers and be aware of cars around them.