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Some states eye jail time for distracted drivers

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2018 | Auto Accidents

For most residents in California, a smartphone has become an everyday essential that is rarely left behind and this includes while driving. However, more and more information is being brought to the attention of the public about just how dangerous handheld use of a phone or other electronic device is while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. California often leads the way with progressive laws designed to keep people safe but lately it is a few other states that are taking the leading approach to cracking down on distracted driving. Many wonder if California will join the group and follow their lead.

As reported by PC Magazine, Alaska actually has the highest financial penalties nationwide for driving and using a handheld device. The state also boasts the longest possible jail sentence for a person convicted of distracted driving. Utah is also said to be one of the leaders in the fight against distracted driving with jail time for even a first offense that causes an accident.

California’s immediate neighbor to the north is garnering a lot of attention with its new law that went into effect just this summer. In addition to increasing the fines that may be imposed on a person caught driving while using a mobile device in handheld mode, the state has outlined provisions for drivers to be put into jail for certain distracted driving offenses.

Whether or not the efforts being made by these three states will curb the loss of life or reduce accidents caused by distracted drivers remains to be seen but they certainly send clear messages to people that the safety of others is a priority.