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Planning a summer road trip? Stay safe with these tips

On Behalf of | May 2, 2018 | Uncategorized

Summer is quickly approaching and for many that means that it’s finally time for the long-awaited road trip. You’re likely eager to hit the road, but road trips aren’t always fun and games if you aren’t prepared. Long drives can put you at a greater risk of an accident so staying safe is key.

Here are some tips to stay safe when you take off on your upcoming adventure.

Prioritize your sleep

Sacrificing sleep to arrive at your destination faster can be hard to resist, but can also come with deadly consequences. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that drowsy driving results in 100,000 accidents each year. You can ensure that you get adequate sleep by making hotel reservations and locating camping spots in advance. If all else fails, napping at a rest stop or pulling over when you feel yourself dozing off can be a better option than nothing at all.

Drive the speed limit

You’re hitting the long stretches of roads where rest stops become few and far in between. Sometimes this may mean fewer cops are on the road and you feel safe to drive above the speed limit. But whether a cop is watching or not, speeding can turn what could have been a minor crash into a fatal one. Staying at or below the speed limit can help to prevent a ticket and a crash.

Prevent items from shifting in the event of a crash

You may be planning to take advantage of every inch of your car in order to pack everything you’ll need for your trip. But in the event that you need to put on the brakes quickly, your items may shift and result in injury to yourself and your fellow passengers. Secure your items both in, on and behind your vehicle before taking off to prevent your items from becoming damaged or causing physical injuries.

Stay off your phone

Navigating unfamiliar territory may mean that you are fumbling with your phone or GPS to stay on track. Trying to use a GPS while driving can be just as dangerous as texting when you take your eyes off the road. You can ask other passengers for assistance or plan a way to navigate without the use of your hands.

Arriving at your destination safely should be your top priority. By planning ahead and practicing safe driving habits, you can increase your odds of returning home from your vacation without incident.