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Vehicle features focus on safety, accident prevention

California residents looking to purchase their next new vehicle should learn about the many features that have come to market in the past several years that focus on improved safety and accident prevention. Many of these features are standard in some vehicles but also available as options on others. Each has the ability to help avoid a collision but certainly is no replacement for responsible decisions and actions on the part of drivers.

How do you treat a joint sprain?

A sprain is an injury to the fibers of your ligaments, soft tissues in your joints that connect your bones to one another. If you experience joint pain following a California car accident, it is important to receive a medical evaluation of your injury. A doctor can rule out a bone fracture or more serious injury and give you specific treatment instructions.

Aggressive driving can cause deadly accidents

There is no question that road rage can lead to deadly car accidents in California and across the country. Whether in the peak hours of traffic or during nighttime hours, it is not unusual to see motorists engaging in dangerous driving behaviors while navigating the busy roads. Drivers often get frustrated when they are late to an important meeting, work or an appointment and they are stuck behind other drivers in traffic. However, engaging in dangerous driving behaviors when involved in these situations can be deadly. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 9,234 drivers who were involved in fatal car accidents in 2017 were speeding. This is only one of the dangerous driving behaviors shown by aggressive drivers.

Massive crash on California interstate kills 2

Last Thursday morning, a seven-vehicle crash on Interstate 5 in Lodi, California, resulted in two deaths and closed all the northbound lanes for five hours while cleanup took place. Authorities have ruled out drugs or alcohol as a factor while continuing to investigate the accident. While there have been no official determination as to the cause, witnesses to the accident speaking in an unofficial capacity cite inattention and excess speed as possible contributing factors. 

How can I be safer when making left turns?

Left hand turns are inherently dangerous. You are cutting across lanes of traffic. Experts advise against making a left turn unless it is absolutely necessary, especially in busy areas. They even advocate going out of your way to avoid these turns. Sometimes, you may have no choice but to turn left. In these situations, there are some things you can do to prevent an accident and stay safe.

Drive safe around cyclists

California is a great place to ride a bike, yet cyclists are the ones who are most hurt if they get into an accident with a vehicle. Motorists need to be more aware of bicycles and understand how to share the road with them, and cyclists also must do their job to make sure everyone stays safe. 

How can I best share the road with motorcycles?

As beautiful weather comes back into the daily forecast, more motorcycles will be hitting the roads in California. As a driver, you hold some responsibility for the safety of those on these smaller vehicles. Motorcycles lack the protections you have in your vehicle. Any accident with a motorcycle is much more serious and has a greater potential to be deadly for the motorcycle rider than for you. When everyone pays attention and shares the road, it can keep all vehicles on the roadways safe.

Roadway death compounds tragedy for California family

Tragedy sometimes seems to strike some families disproportionately. One family in California has had a particularly difficult three years, with the loss of one sister due to a heart attack and a second sister struggling with a rare form of brain cancer. Last week, ill fortune struck yet again when a third sister perished in a car accident in California Valley. 

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